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About Brenda

Brenda Baird, an Educational Therapist, has successfully provided programs to clients from Australia and overseas.   Twice a year she travels to her home town of Victoria, BC to offer programs.  Brenda is happy to travel to Nanaimo, BC should there be interest.

Brenda Baird  has been involved in the field of Dyslexia for over 12 years.  She trained in San Francisco and worked with Dyslexics in Canada before migrating to Australia in 2001.

In 2001, Brenda established her own company specialising in helping Dyslexics, and raising awareness through seminars which she has conducted across Australia and internationally. 

In 2009, in recognition of her work and expertise in the field of Dyslexia, Brenda was invited by the then Federal Parliamentary Secretary for Disabilities and Services, Bill Shorten, to the National Forum on Dyslexia.  It was through her participation in the Forum that Brenda identified a need for an association that supports equity and equality in investing in research and trial projects into non-phonics based solutions for Dyslexics.

Brenda is passionate about her work and provides a clear and concise understanding of dyslexia.   Brenda‚Äôs success with her clients comes through her personal understanding and knowledge of dyslexia. These valuable skills can only be obtained through her own experiences with dyslexia and her experiences as a parent of two Dyslexic children. 


Dyslexia: Lost for Words

In 2011, Brenda publish her book, "Dyslexia: Lost for Words".  Available soon through amazon.com.

Book Review:

Dear Brenda,

I have just finished reading your book and wanted to say a huge THANKYOU !

I felt just about every pain and struggle as I read the book.....my
daughter kept bringing me tissues!!

The secret to two of my children's learning struggles have now been
discovered. I am relieved and frustrated at the same time! Relieved at
the awareness of their dyslexic gifts and frustrated at the journey of
getting to this point.

I'm looking forward to the upcoming assessment. You see I am a
teacher as well.....so I am sooooo excited to be able to help others
and share the knowledge wide and far.

Sincere thanks
Leonie Saunders

Ps. Can you give me an invoice for 5 more books. Click here for another review by Dr Bob Rich

















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Dyslexia Australia Border Dyslexia Australia Border